uslovi najma vozila

General terms and conditions

You can rent the vehicle you want at short notice (up to 30 days) or long term for more than one month. The minimum rental period is one day / 24 hours. The person hiring the vehicle must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license for at least 3 years.

Payment and deposit

The rent is paid when the vehicle is handed over by credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard), in cash or by payment to the account (legal entities). Deposit for rent is negotiable.


Insurance - CDW (collision damage waiver)

Damage insurance with participation in damages. The purchase of this insurance is required. Responsibility for the damage to a rental vehicle and to a third party is limited to a certain maximum amount associated with the group of the rented vehicle. This amount is required in the rental agreement. The insurance does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, damage to the chassis, broken and / or lost keys, damage resulting from the emission of incorrect fuel and damage due to knowledge or carelessness. All listed damages will be charged fully at the time of return of the vehicle. When the vehicle returns, the condition of the vehicle is checked by the customer and our employee together and compared with the state of the vehicle when it is taken over. Any change in the condition of the vehicle, id est any new damage will be recorded in the rental agreement form and mutually signed.

TP (Theft Protection) Theft insurance with compensation.

The purchase of this insurance is required. The responsibility for stealing vehicles or parts of a vehicle (tires, stereos, etc.) is limited by a certain maximum amount allocated to the group of the rented vehicle. This amount is required in the rental agreement. This insurance is NOT applicable if the vehicle has been unlocked or the key has been left in the steering lock during the theft.

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) Personal Insurance

By purchasing this insurance, a driver and a person in a vehicle are insured in the event of death or injury through an accident during the rental period of the vehicle.


Without a police report, full damage and / or theft will be charged fully by the customer, regardless of the type of insurance purchased. The police report must also be made in cases where the customer was not present during the damage of the vehicle (for example, the vehicle was damaged by a NN person through a parking lot). Procedures in case of accident, damage and theft of vehicles. The customer is obliged to behave as follows:
Immediately inform the police and Stars Car Rental about the event and act on their instructions.
- To collect data about other participants in an accident id est that event.
- When returning a vehicle, fill out an accident / damage report.
- Write a brief description of the causes and circumstances in which the accident / damage occurred.
Restrictions on vehicle management:
- t is prohibited that the vehicle is operated under the influence of alcohol, medicines and drugs. In these cases the insurance is not valid. The customer is charged in full amount of the damage / theft.
- The rented vehicle may only be operated by a person who is registered as a driver in a rental agreement. The possibility of concluding an additional driver, with the consent of Stars Car Rental, is permitted.
- It is prohibited to rent a vehicle for use by unauthorized persons, id est persons not listed in the rental agreement. In these cases, the insurance is not valid - the customer will be charged for the full amount of damage / theft.

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